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Donaldeen December 13th I wondered if you have seen the old sewing book, I think it is a Singer book which shows how to do all sorts of fancy stitches on the treadle machine? It shows how to zigzag stitch with the needle stationary and the sewer moving her hand to form the stitches. All sorts of techniques. Yes, I have several treadle machines. When I was a teenager going to take home ec. I lied to the teacher and told her I could sew on the treadle machine..

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December 26, at 6: Use weights to hold down your pattern when cutting …I often use heavy small saucers, or used D-cell batteries, or even old heavy butter knives. This tip alone will save you hours of pinning and marking. Mark darts simply by snipping? Mark the dart tip with a pin that you gently pull through the paper pattern and mark the opposite or reverse pattern piece at the same time.

Once you have done this fold the dart and iron the line of the dart from both points as a guide until you sew. Once you have cut your pattern leave paper pattern pieces on cut fabric. Tape or pin your sewing instructions above your sewing machine for quick reference. Always iron your facings after assembling and clip all facings at an angle not straight. Clip all sewn corners at degree angles this is usually two cuts rather then one. I have not used a gather stitch in 30 years because this technique makes more sense.

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Aug 25,  · All sewing machines are threaded much the same. You have to make sure that the thread goes through all the little spots that keep the tension right. There will be a tension adjustment point (usually 2 metal disks with a spring holding them together and a screw or dial that is used to adjust tension up or down).

Email Print Mar 27, Q: I found this old sewing machine buried in a dirt cellar in my mother’s house. It says “White Rotary,” and there’s a metal plate on it with the serial number FR It also lists several patent dates. The latest is June 3, Can you tell me the history of the machine? Thomas White began producing sewing machines in in Templeton, Mass. The White Family Rotary model was introduced in the late s.

It was the company’s most popular machine and was made until the s. White also made sewing machines for other companies, including Sears Roebuck. The company name became White Sewing Machine Corp. Business declined in the s as foreign-made machines became available in the United States. American manufacturers couldn’t compete with Japanese companies making cheaper sewing machines, and by most of the American manufacturers were out of business.

White merged with Husqvarna Viking, a Swedish firm.

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It might be that it would not be possible to give an exact year of manufacture for your particular machine. Manufacturing companies have come and gone through the years. Sometimes the records that are kept with a particular company are lost or just not looked at as being of any value.

A sewing machine is a device which manipulates thread to form a stitch. What are the uses of a sewing machine? The uses of a sewing machine are stitching garments, leather, green house covers, car covers, parachute, canvas, bags etc.

If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please contact us here to flag it for review. This machine is in great condition. The portrait of the duke of wellington is in good condition. Its rather rare to find a bradbury in this condition. Yet today the Company has been largely forgotten. The factory – The Wellington Works has been demolished and the site redeveloped, all that is left is a plaque close to the spot w the factory once stood.

Nothing seems to remain except its machines and its history. The intricate gold decal set on the base head is in very good condition. The paint is in very good condition with some wear on the head. The top is in very good condition.

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For nearly two hundred years, these devices have made the process of sewing garments, quilts, and other items faster and easier. Today’s sewing machines are high-tech and packed with features, such as different stitch patterns. Investing in a sewing machine and learning to use it to its full ability can help you save money on clothing and other items, build creativity, and help you create a perfect fit on everything you make.

Sewing machines are available at every price point, so the first thing you’ll need to do is set your budget and stick to it. If you’re a beginner, set that budget a little lower, as there’s no point in investing a lot of money in a tool you may end up not using regularly. Your skill level can help you determine the best price range, because you need to think not only about your current skills, but also about how much time and effort you want to devote to learning new ones. Next, you’ll need to think about all of your personal requirements for a sewing machine.

Every person is different, and sewing machines can be very simple or very complicated, and range everywhere in between.

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Posted on July 19, by Little Jack Horner’s Since we opened our doors to the public, we have restored the cabinets of countless sewing machines. Most have been early treadle operated machines that have been passed down from generation to generation within a family. Recently one of our longtime clients brought us a sewing machine like none we have ever seen before.

I was able to date the machine to and even found an image of the original sales brochure and operating manual. The Free Sewing Machine Company has a very interesting history.

Sewing machines have been manufactured in quantity since the ‘s. During the last half of the 19th century, there were around companies manufacturing sewing machines in the US. Of those, less then 20 survived after the turn of the century.

Sewing patterns, most especially vintage sewing patterns of elegant dresses from the ? So how does one go about recognizing what is valuable and what is not? The first and foremost action to take is to do research within the eBay completed auctions in the category: Make a list each week of what sewing patterns sold and for how much. The best places to buy vintage sewing patterns are estate sales and garage sales.

Being prepared can save valuable time when trying to determine what is a good pattern or not. Make sure the pattern includes the envelope, all of the pattern pieces and the instructions.

Singer Featherweight 221 – Everything & Anything you wanted to know about the Singer 221 Sewing.

Now that I have caught up a little I can get back to putting a few things on the digests. Today I am going to talk about one of the most misunderstood parts of the sewing machine. Only the brave or the foolish should read on. In many instruction manuals it will say something like, the lower tension is set at the factory and should not be adjusted.

I have my husband grandmother 4. treadle machine, 5. singer hand crank, 6. my neighbor singer I got 30 years ago, 7. a singer antique machine with a cabinet, 8. an industrial sewing machine with a quilting frame, 9. my friend antique singer. 10 a singer featherweight.

Well, for a start, you might find it easier, cheaper, and less frustrating in the long run. Or you might be a sucker for a shiny black coat with gold twiddles on, or you may just like the idea of not throwing the old away just because the new exists.. Or you may like tinkering I have used old machines all my life, and my regular machines – Singer Class 15 treadle, Bernina , and Elna Lotuses more than one My only modern machine is an overlocker – after much experimentation and considerable amounts of swearing, I decided that old overlockers, while charming, are not practical beasties Scroll down the page for my machines for sale Updated with yet more further deep sighing, Monday 19th November , and not everything is on here even so Blooming things are breeding..

Practicalities The world is full of old machines, but if you want to use one regularly you need to choose with a little care. If you plan to sew every day or every week it’s no good getting something splendid but which has no regular supply of needles, and if you plan to do more than the odd small job, you don’t want a Long Bobbin machine too much bobbin-winding and spares may not be easy to get..

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