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History History The history of S. Frank, as it exists today, is a combination of some of the biggest names in pipe making from the early part of the 20th. Sometime before , the Dinwoodie had been discontinued and the Kaywoodie name was beginning to be used on an extensive line of pipes that ultimately would be the name of the company. The origin of the name Kaywoodie is a combination of the K from Kaufman and wood, as in briar. Not much is known of the original KBB company other than it was started in by the German born Kaufman brothers when they opened a small pipe shop in the Bowery section of New York City. In the back room of this shop, they made their first pipes.

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A very pretty Prince Dave.: Markw4mms What a lovely pipe,. Bernhardt Many congrats on that beaut, Dave! You restored that pipe nicely! A metal reinforcement in the shank end.

It would be very helpful at least in the XXI century to have implemented a modern and comprehensive system for the smoking pipes dating and accounting.

The Relaxing Smoke – Dunhill Pipes still life of pipe resting on tobacco in baccyflap We all know that pipe smoking is supposed to be a relaxing activity. But sometimes, whether it’s the environment, the pipe, the tobacco or a host of other things, your smoking session turns into an hour of frustration. So we bundle up in the winter, find an overhanging roof when it’s raining out, or swelter in the summer heat.

Your favourite pipe may not smoke the same when outside in the cold, with the lower temperatures creating excessive condensation in the shank and stem, necessitating judicious pipe cleaner activity. My beloved Old Boy pipe lighter hates the colder temperatures, and refuses to light in even a gentle breeze. Wind can cause your tobacco to burn faster and hotter, changing ruining? The wind can blow ash and embers all over your hands and clothes, burning small holes here and there.

Once in a while you’ll find yourself with a delicious tobacco blend but due to the cut or moisture level the tobacco has a hard time burning. Flake tobaccos often will expand on lighting your pipe, so a perfectly packed pipe can quickly become too tight, frequently go out, and frustrate the smoker. I had a broken flake tobacco once that took forever to get lit, provided a thin but tasty smoke, and always threatened to go out if not coaxed along constantly with pipe tamper and extra re-lights.

If I took the pipe from my lips for more than a minute, the fire was sure to die.

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The introduction of and different ways that the inlaid C was formed on the stem; The name of the pipe and when these names were introduced and or discontinued. It should also be remembered that, as the stamps used for stamping pipes got worn, new ones would have been ordered and used alongside the old ones and there could therefore be overlapping of different style. If the pipe has a silver band If the band has the following three marks it is made of silver.

WDC imported Briar – Estate Pipe – Wellington. $ $

I quickly realised that there was very little information on the make generally, and often the information published was inaccurate. These, together with other dated examples I have seen and original catalogues have enabled me to considerably flesh out some of the previously published facts. I have also been fortunate to have had several long discussions with Jacques Cole who was at St. I am also fortunate to have a history of the company written by Louis Comoy in the s and believe that the history given as an introduction is as definitive as possible.

Introduction Francois Comoy and his brothers started making pipes probably clays, boxwood and beech in in the small monastic town of Saint-Claude in eastern France. Claude and his son Louis discovered that briar had vastly superior qualities and, from , made pipes only in this wood. Henri set up a small factory in Seven Dials, which is today known as Cambridge Circus. Louis took the name of his adoptive parents.

By , the business had outgrown the Seven Sisters site, and a new factory was built in Newcastle Place, Clerkenwell. By , markets were being sought in America, and the extra business required a new factory to be built in at 72 Rosebury Avenue.


I’ve put these Notes together in the hope that they might help anyone considering the purchase of a Falcon for the first time. I have no commercial tie in with Falcon or any other firm; these notes reflect the facts, as I know them. It has been in production ever since, though its highest volume of sales was in the s and s. Whatever may be said about a Falcon’s looks, I have never heard anyone say it didn’t work. I have had good reliable service from Falcons, which lasted for over 30 years.

Dec 21,  · The Falcon Pipe was invented in the s by an American Engineer by the name of Bugg. It has been in production ever since, though its highest volume of sales was in the s and s. Pipe Genealogy. Pipe Dating, Markings, & Identification Resources; Pre Pipe Brands & Manufacturers; Factory Pipes; Comoy Falcon. By Drifter in.

Fullerton, California, Ships to: I make it my goal to have the nicest estate pipes on Ebay Great Estate Pipes will sell your pipes on consignment! Contact me for details! It has a beautiful mix of birdseye and cross grain, that looks as good as it promises to smoke! The original stem is pristine, and the silver has both the HC cartouch and the hallmarks dating it to All markings are very readable.

I take pride in the condition of my pipes, as I know you will when you smoke them. But don’t take my word. The pictures speak for themselves. This pipe also comes with a custom pipe sock to protect your investment.


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Should I buy a cheap pipe, or an expensive one? For example, after some initial research, I chose to buy a mid-priced briar estate pipe as my first. For me, that too was easy. My first pipe must come from England. Is it because of Sherlock Holmes? Or just the stereotypical image of a tweed-jacketed old Englishman reading and smoking a pipe in his cozy study? And so I bought one. This one, to be exact. Valuable lessons, to be sure.

Upon taking delivery, the condition of my first pipe was good-to-fair.

The Relaxing Smoke – Dunhill Pipes

Out of these restrictions arose the traditional English blends, blends which derive their distinctive aroma and flavor from the natural properties of the tobacco as opposed to chemical additives. Natural products, free of chemical additives and preservatives, change and mature with age. Tobacco is no exception and this is especially true of virginia tobacco which has a high sugar content.

Initially sharp and biting, virginia tobacco will mellow and sweeten over decades.

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Prolong the life of your favourite briar with a little more care and attention. Take a look at those old discarded pipes discoloured, sour, damaged – some of them may easily justify the cost of a professional repair or refurbishment. The bowl will be reamed, cleaned and sweetened with “mead”, and the whole pipe polished to restore its dignified appearance – only the dents will remain as a reminder of past pleasures. As well as replacement mouthpieces, a hole in the bowl or a cracked shank can be repaired.

You won’t be able to buy a new branded pipe for the R to R the professional job may cost you. Bring in your pipe for assessment. D I Y Refurbishment Here is a step-by-step procedure: There are 6 distinct cleaning processes: Removing the build-up of tars and juices which collect inside the shank and mouthpiece, and in the base of the bowl. Work over a tray or dish, lined with paper.

Remove the mouthpiece from the pipe. Insert the nozzle of the CGA Pressurised Pipe Cleaner spray into the peg of the stem and press down for about a second to release the spray. Repeat for the shank. Use a bristle cleaner to really scrub the inside of the shank and mouthpiece.

Comoy’s Pipe Restoration by Shinypipes

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