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In Hindu mythology, the state of Rajasthan has an importance all of its own. It is believed that Lord Ram of the Hindu epic Ramayana spent sometime in the jungles of Rajasthan during his 14 year long exile, as did the Pandavas from another Hindu magnum opus, the Mahabharata. The ancient city of Mandore, about 10 kms north of Jodhpur, is believed to have been the hometown of Mandodari, the chief wife of the demon king Ravana of Lanka, who was killed by Lord Ram. The mystic Saraswati River, one of the main ancient rivers revered by the Hindus, is believed to have disappeared under the sands of the Thar Desert, due to the emergence of the Aravali range of mountains. The Aravalis are the oldest mountain range in India, even older than the Himalayas. Present day Rajasthan was formed on 30th March, after the merger of 22 kingdoms and principalities into a single geographic entity. Today, it is thelargest state in terms of cultural ethos in India with Jaipur, as its capital.

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Boasting of architectural grandeur, Kote Gate is in fact the first thing that you notice when you enter Bikaner. On one side of the gate are the exquisitely constructed Rujputana Havelis and on the other side is a colourful bazaar, which can be a paradise for any shopaholic. Once you are done marveling at the splendor of the architecture of Kote Gate, you can visit the market that sells items made of camel hide, open-toed shoes, miniature paintings, utensils, handicrafts, Khadi items like kurtas and wooden items.

You may also like to read: This shrine holds great religious importance and is also one of the finest examples of Rajputana architecture in Bikaner. The temple is situated about 6kms from the city and was built by Maharaja Doongar Singhji. The huge black stone idol of Lord Shiva along with the artistically done pavilions, columns and domes are the major attraction here.

Best Tourist Places to visit in Mount Abu Kodamdeshwar Temple This temple is one of its kinds as unlike other temples there is no structure of the temple here. The shrine is basically a statue that presides over a marble platform; there is no hall, door or even a roof in this temple. This is probably the only temple in India where one has to pay an entry fee.

The best time to visit this temple is during the Bhadrapad Fair, when artisans and craftsmen from all over the state come to visit this temple. It is situated about 4kms from Junagarh Fort and has some of the finest artwork.

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Bikaner, Rajasthan, India World Monuments Watch Located in the Thar Desert of Rajasthan, the walled city of Bikaner is a dense urban settlement with narrow, winding lanes and buildings featuring highly ornamental street facades. Bikaner was established in the fifteenth century along a flourishing trade. A wealthy merchant class that profited from the trade route was responsible for the opulently decorated courtyard houses, known as havelis, which characterize the historic center of the city.

The architecture and urban form of the walled city are both a response to the harsh arid climate of the region and a celebration of its building tradition, with delicately carved stone jaalis perforated screens , stone chajjas overhangs , and projecting jharokhas balconies. When the havelis were included on the World Monuments Watch, over of them survived in Bikaner.

Dating from the seventeenth to the early twentieth centuries, these formerly grand homes had been subdivided, leading to their decay and overcrowding. Remote and largely untouched by the economic boom which India enjoyed in the years before the Watch announcement, Bikaner had seen little investment and limited tourism.

Junagarh Fort, Bikaner Images About Junagarh Fort, Bikaner Constructed between and by the third ruler of Bikaner, Rai Singh, Junagarh Fort is protected by a m long sandstone wall with 37 bastions, a moat and, most effectively of all, by the forbidding expanse of the Thar Desert. Not surprisingly, the fort has never been conquered, a fact which explains its excellent state of preservation. Sightseeing Places in Junagarh Fort, Bikaner Exploring the Junagarh Fort, Bikaner Within the fort’s austere stone walls are no less than 37 profusely decorated palaces, temples and pavilions, built by its successive rulers over the centuries, though in a harmonious continuity of style.

It was sumptuously decorated between and by Maharaja Surat Singh. In an ingenious imitation of Mughal pietra dura work at a fraction of the cost, the lime-plaster walls of the Anup Mahal have been polished to a high luster. They are covered with red and gold lacquer patterns, further embellished with mirrors and gold leaf. The Karan Mahal is the Hall of Public Audience and is ornamented in a similar if somewhat less lavish style.

Two other gorgeous, heavily decorated palaces are the 17th century Chandra Mahal and Phool Mahal. The latter contains Rao Bika’s small, low bed with curved silver legs, on which he slept with his feet touching the ground. The bed was so designed to enable Rao Bika to jump quickly to his feet and fight off murderous intruders. The Chandra Mahal, which was the queens’ palace, has carved marble panels depicting the Radha-Krishna legend, and both palaces have superb stone carving and jalis.

The blue-and-gold Badal Mahal is covered with paintings of clouds, yellow streaks of lightning and rain showers — a favorite fantasy in this arid land. The Hawa Mahal has a huge mirror positioned over the maharaja’s bed, which apparently enable him to view the courtyard below, thus alerting him to approaching danger. The oldest palace in the fort is Lal Niwas, dating to , and decorated with floral motifs in red and gold.

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Bikaner Introduction This city lies on the northern point of the triangle of desert cities. Bikaner is another royal walled city dating back to AD. It was, however, a major trade centre as it stood on the ancient caravan route which linked central Asia and North India with the Gujarat seaports.

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Connect to Wifi A grandiose desert experience awaits you at the city of Bikaner in Rajasthan. Imagine yourself among golden sand dunes that stretch into the horizon and smiling camels that are always ready to take you for an exciting safari over the vast desert, if this sounds like a great vacation then Bikaner is an ideal city to head to.

It is one of the few places in the world that continues to hold its royal grandeur of the past, be it in the royal palaces that now function partly as heritage luxury hotels or the grand meals and sweets that will tempt you to stay a little while longer! Dating back to when the city was founded by the Rajput ruler Rao Bikaji, Bikaner continues to attract people from the world over to come enjoy the many royal palaces, forts, temples and other places of interest here.

Take a look at the top places to visit in Bikaner. Akin to an oasis, the fort provided more than shelter in its day. Today, it is a standing piece of architectural finesse, excellent artistic rendition and a historical monument of importance.

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What gauges are used in India? Broad Gauge – 5’6″ mm This is now found all over the country, and all major passenger and freight routes are now broad gauge. This is the widest gauge in regular use anywhere in the world. The decision to use a gauge wider than the one in use in Great Britain was made with an eye towards economies in freight movement, and also to ensure stability in the face of Indian weather and the perceived threat of cyclonic winds.

About 42, route km of IR’s network are broad-gauge. Meter Gauge – 1m This is still found in a lot of places, despite the push to convert everything to broad gauge. It is said that this gauge was chosen by Lord Mayo then Viceroy of India based on calculations to allow 4 persons to sit comfortably abreast — it would have been 3’3″ except that there was then a push to move to the metric system and so the gauge became 1m.

Interestingly, the metric system was not after all adopted until nearly a century later, so the gauge was the only thing in India that was ‘metric’ for a very long time. By , MG route-kilometerage is expected to drop to 5, km or less. The MG networks of northern India including the north-east via the Assam Rail Link and southern India 16, and route kms, respectively remained separate until , when the completion of the Khandwa – Hingoli section connected the two.

This link went through Akot, Akola, and Basim, across the Tapti and Purna rivers and had 2 tunnels and 50 major bridges, and a spectacular spiral. In , the gauge conversion of the Secunderabad — Mahboobnagar broke an important MG freight route connecting the northern and southern MG networks. Then in , the gauge conversion work on the Purna — Mudkhed section completely broke the north—south connections of the MG network.

In , work began on the BG conversion of the Purna-Akola section then planned to be completed by

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In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: Several built ambitiously in the imperial style, sponsored mosques as well as temples, and patronized paintings infused with Persian patterns and conventions yet often rooted in Indic literature and pictorial conventions that predated the Mughals. It is motivated by the discovery of preparatory materials that were in the possession of artists from the Rajput court of Bikaner until the mid-twentieth century, and that bear compositions matching three pages of the Laud Album.

The match opens a new perspective on art of the period. Employing connoisseurship and historical contextualization, the first and longest portion lays the groundwork for understanding the discovery: This final section turns to the growing literature in South Asian art history on cultural translation, and considers translation in the context of sociability.

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