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See the detail drawing on this page. Coat this connection with sealer or cover it with tape to protect it from corrosion. All vertical antennas need to be grounded in some way. A mobile CB antenna uses the car body as the ground. On this CB Antenna, the four radial wires are used as the ground. This is called the ground plane of the antenna. The braided wire which forms the outside conductor of the coax is soldered to all four radial wires.

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You do want to be careful not to hook up one that is too powerful, or you could have problems with the FCC. Hooking up a linear amp can boost that wattage to 10 or even 12 watts. The linear amps help the output of the transmission. Some CB radios are just weak as far as the signal is concerned.

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Scott Wolfington The following article is based on a HamUniverse. First, I must say that setting up a base radio 11 meter and accompanying antenna is a new hobby for me. I’m a complete newbie. When I first started working on my 11M CB base station, I knew I had to figure out a way to get an antenna up without breaking any of my neighborhood rules.

An 18ft Solarcon A99 was out of the question. After doing some research, I learned that a dipole antenna mounted in my attic might do the trick. About this same time, I came across John’s article on HamUniverse. Making a dipole antenna from off-the-shelf items that could easily be purchased from the local truck-stop Travel America and hardware store Lowes sounded great to me. Plus, with it mounted in my attic, it would be the perfect “stealth” antenna to keep the homeowners assocation happy.

Could it work for 11M CB? Don responded to me promptly and put me in touch with John directly.

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Just got back from the Philippines visiting family. My Nissan Patrol was in horrible shape after setting for several years there. I have decided to let it go to another owner now an I am currently working out a deal on that. Had some time while there to look over the new Hilux and some of the aftermarket parts for them. The dealer there would not allow me to take any pictures of the truck in there presence and would not allow a test drive with out them.

Those things are stout.

Locate an appropriate place to mount the radio. Mount the bracket for the radio and secure the radio to it. Mount the antenna to the truck and run the coax to the radio following a path that does not cause interference with other functions like seat adjustment or the pedals.

Dan December 31, at 4: If you get a fairly steady signal, even if it’s reflected, then a yagi can usually be aimed so that it can pick up that signal. If however, your signal strength is constantly bouncing around, that can mean that the signal is reflecting and taking multiple paths to your phone and a Yagi antenna may not work as well in those cases. Sarah Laskowski March 4, at We live in a very hilly, remote area, completely off the grid.

I can not get a signal with my new phone, the Galaxy Stratosphere, older phones work well if on the window sill and on speaker. Does it require electricity?? Sarah Dan March 10, at 6: So you would need a full signal booster kit which includes an outside antenna, inside antenna, signal boosting amplifier, and cables to connect everything together. George April 25, at 4: At a remote wilderness ski hut, we’ve successfully used a Yagi for about 15 years plugged into a now ancient Motorola flip phone to receive signal from a Verizon Golden State Cellular tower about 15 miles away.

This year, it was not possible to make calls, though 4 bars show on the phone. We replaced the Yagi but still no joy. The Carrier said there was no change in the tower omnidirectional.

A Stealthy Homebrew Vertical Dipole Antenna Using Mobile CB Antennas

Why the G5RV continues to remain popular is a mystery. The ‘legendary’ name, perhaps? That it can be ‘thrown up’ without too much thought?

A yagi antenna is a specific type of directional antenna, which means that it sends and receives a signal from primarily one direction. A good way to visualize this is by thinking of a flashlight. The light from a flashlight shines in a narrow beam, only in the direction that it’s pointed.

Hooking up a aftermarket radio in a 97 Chevy truck? The 97 K series trucks, tahoes, and suburbans have a din and a half radio size. This size is known as an oversize radio. Pioneer is one of the only manufacturers to make an aftermarket radio. This Supertuner III can be found on most websites and its design is about 10 years old.

Now this CD player is still a mighty fine option for an upgrade if you are looking for a perfect fit with an ease of installation. You will need your radio of choice, wiring harness adapter, antenna adapter, and a install kit. HAve all your parts!! Read the instructions and pay attention to radio harness diagrams!! Be careful removing the dash trim ring.

Its large and held on by clips.

How to Hook Up a CB Linear Amp

In my installation the new trailer wire harness is supplied with volt power for the trailer battery bank position 4 in the diagram from the distribution hub in the storage compartment. Typically, you would tap the output of the alternator to supply the trailer line. You would use a battery isolator or a solenoid to separate the banks – really only required if you keep the trailer and truck plugged together for long periods.

Frequently Asked Questions Buying the correct marine antenna can sometimes feel overwhelming, and we want to help you select the most appropriate product for your needs and guide you through the installation process.

I received additional help from both of these two gentleman and a special extra thanks, it was greatly appreciated. The problem with your radio is C It is a small blue tantalum cap right between the two wires that permit adjusting the bias to the finals. It shorts all the time. So I looked and looked one night last week for a while and finally found C He’s right, it’s a very small quarter-inch tall blue cap that looks like a tiny blue gumdrop. At first I didn’t just want to cut it and take a chance making it any worse and alter something if it didn’t cure it, and then have it even further out of spec.

So taking some advice I did some pretty novice additonal symptom testing. One good point was brought up and that was to make sure the Astatic D desk microphone that I was using was switched into the relay position, and that was a good point.

Best CB Radios in 2018 Complete Reviews With Comparison

It may take a little practice but it is a simple process once you get the hang of it. I suggest that when purchasing coaxial cable end connectors buy a few extra. Once you crimp or compress a coax cable end it can’t be used again. A crimp tool is used with crimp type fittings. A compression tool is used with compression fittings.

A Stealthy Homebrew Vertical Dipole Antenna Using Mobile CB Antennas Written By: Scott Wolfington The following article is based on a article by John Reisenauer (KL7JR) titled “Simple and Inexpensive Dipole and V Antenna Mount”.First, I must say that setting up a base radio (11 meter) and accompanying antenna is a new hobby for me.

Electronics Mounts Tuning your Antenna – How to set the SWR SWR standing wave ratio , is a measurement of how efficiently your antenna system will radiate the power available from your radio. In simple terms, your radio would like to radiate all of its power, but can only do so if the other components cooperate. Bad coax and mounts, or inefficient antennas and ground plane can cause system bottlenecks. The easiest way to understand the concept is to think of it in terms of water flow.

That is, if you put a one inch faucet on a two inch pipe, your potential output will be restricted by the one inch outlet. So goes antenna systems. Setting your antennas SWR will reduce the restriction of radiated power. If all radios only transmitted on one channel, it would be a much easier task to design antennas.

As it is, on CB alone, there are 40 channels to contend with. Mobile antennas can only be made to resonate at one specific frequency channel.

Coaxial Cable Repair – How to Fix Shielded Cable

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